Vacation with Baby

They expected vacation and all the whole family prepares to travel to take a few days off. And travel is difficult and children over if you are using, the thing becomes more complicated. What destination is best suited for traveling with babies?, What should I bring in baby's suitcase?. Here are some of the many questions that arise when parents were to head to their long-awaited vacation. When the companion is a baby, too careful about the security, The healthAnd general care.

It is best plan the trip aheadand list the things necessary to be carried in baggage. Then, you should visit the pediatricianand ask about medications needed, if vaccinesare current, andensure that the baby is healthy.

Air travel with baby

Currently, the plane is one of the most popular means of transport in family trips and one of the safest and most effective. Multiple route options and rates allow travel anywhere in no time and little money. By way of general considerations, it is good to know when traveling with children on the plane, the airlines considered as a baby, the child of two years. These young passengers are not entitled to a seat, and should take place with the parent. However, do pay travel insurance and have to bring your own boarding pass.

Despite having to travel in the same seat that parents, the baby has a special seat belt adapted to the age of the child. Also, if the flight is long distance, you should ask the company, a Baby crib, To be coupled to the wall in front of their seats. It is also very important to pay attention to the recommendations of the flight crew. And to avoid pressure on the baby's earsThere is nothing better than breastfeed the baby or the pacifier.
Train travel with baby

The train is another means of transport chosen by the family to head for your holiday. It is safe and offers comfort, the only constraint is that it takes much more than the plane. Sometimes the train ride can be very heavy for the baby. Many hours and the child gets tired. During the trip, you have to entertain and give it drink plenty of fluids to control body temperature. Do not forget to diapering the baby.

It is also essential to take the whole bag feeding necessary for the baby. The jars are very comfortable and the best option when traveling with babies. Also, do not forget the medicines, Its toyspreferred, a jacket, diapers, wipes, etc..

Traveling by car with baby

If the family is preparing to travel by carIt is important to entertain baby when awake. Bring toys, tell stories and sing the Songs preferred the small is essential to provide some variation. There are some babies who may feel dizziness when traveling by car. Thus, it is advisable to always carry a plastic bag for possible vomiting. Not surprisingly, the security when traveling with children on the road is essential.

The younger a child may suffer more damage in the event of a possible accident. Therefore, before starting a journey should take preventive measures such as the fact correctly enable the space for the little ones: the safety seats for infants. Security is essential when traveling by road. For babies and children, the failure to take necessary security measures multiplied by five infant mortality in road.
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