Children with bad mood, bad genius and bad temper

Everyone, absolutely everyone, once we get angry with our children, our spouses, friends, family, and often with ourselves, even consciously know that anger is not a constructive reaction does not take us anywhere, does not solve anything and is totally counterproductive in any situation. Ideally, a situation that can lead to anger, is that first breathe, calm down and we control us, and when we are calmer, react with positivity. But how do you teach that to children?

Educating children's humor

The bad mood of children
strong character of children you can tell from when very young. We do not mean to tantrums or temper tantrums very characteristic of the second year of life of children. 

The temper of children is like a volcano erupting and not concentrated in one step. It is as if he had tattooed on his way to be. Children often get angry and bad-tempered for several reasons. From getting up early, to not being able to watch TV when you want.

Other than that, children are often angry because they have to go to school when they want to sit around at home when you do not want to go to sleep in bed, and usually the things they can not change, alter or shape as your interest and will.


How children react with a bad temper?

Some kids get angry more easily than others. Sometimes you get so angry and losing control over their behavior ends up hurting someone or himself. 

Children who have temper often behave: - Screaming their parents, friends, etc.. - Giving punch the wall - Breaking and throwing things on the floor - slamming doors - Sticking to others. 

Children must learn to channel their bad feelings and know that bad behavior will not get what he wants. Can not fail to express them, but they must learn to control them, lest they continue making the same mistakes over and over again. They need to know that his temper can lead to bad consequences. An example is the story "The child and the nails."
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