How do I know if my child has stress?

A child stress tends to have an attitude of anxiety and depression, sleep problems and feeding, To have a impulsive behavior and low academic achievement. These are the main symptoms childhood stress. It is when the child "shouts" with their behavior and capabilities "You can not anymore."

It is very important for your children family environment be as balanced as possible, without too many demands or very permissive. Without too many controls or much indifference on the part of parents. You can not educate a child with much or little. Too many activities, concerns, and even lonelinessCan take the child to have stress, the consequences can alter their physical and mental health.
childhood stress

Prevention and treatment of childhood stress are usually effective. 

Researchers at University of Malaga (UMA) have created a new method aimed at measuring the childhood stress, Known as "Everyday Stressors Inventory." 

They say kids today are very aware of their physical appearance, the extracurricular activities, And in solitude for a long time, and that these conditions represent a risk of stress. 

This new method holds up to 25 items of everyday situations in the areas of health, school, Family and peer relationships, relevant aspects in the development of children. In addition, data are contrasted with those of teachers and parents, especially when related to school grades and health problems. Just as an indicator is associated with hormonal and predicts the "socioemotional adjustment" of children. 

All this information allows psychoeducational intervention guidelines and improve the survival of a child with his environment, and allow him to develop adequate tools for managing daily stress throughout their lives. Moreover, as parents should keep away from our problems and our commitments, and provide them with more relaxing activities such as play, Dancing, singing, walking.
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