At what age should I take my child to nursery?

To the two years too early? At what age should I first take the child to nursery? This is the great concern of many mothers who raised whether to leave her baby in the nursery within two years. For work, and in others by providing children with a better adaptation to school, we start nursery full of doubts.

I have to work, would you wear to nursery ?

The baby in the nursery
Generally, the recommended age for your child starts nursery is between 18 to 24 months. Note that, after 18 months, the baby already has autonomy: begins to walkSays his first wordsHas learned to play with other children and contact with his mother is no longer necessary. However, there is no consensus among professionals age. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recommends the age of three years as a good age to send the child to nursery.

Experts say that during the first years of life the best place for your little one is home. And is that child development specialists maintain that the ideal is to leave the child in the nursery from the 2-3 years But not before. The figure of the mother or the father or, alternatively, a constant representative figure that the baby can take as a reference during the first months of life, is necessary for the proper baby's emotional development. During those early months, your baby needs direct contact with someone all day and that is usually met with a caregiver childcare, you have to pay attention to other babies as well. Therefore, there is a question of professional competence, but of psychic development and offer the baby what he needs. Therefore, when babies are less than 2 years, if possible, it is recommended to continue at home with their parents.

If you can not be with your baby during the first months of life, you must be more careful choosing childcare. You must be a place with specialized staff for children under two years and to provide individual attention and stimulating for the baby feel very loved, very much at home.

In most cases the needs of parents and family circumstances which determine that the baby has to go before or after the nursery. If you have to go a little earlier, the nursery will work well for relacionarse with other children, Gain independence and prepare for when school starts. Their development and language can also be enhanced by the nursery. In general, kindergarten, children gain autonomyThey lose the fear of separation from the mother and relate to other children. For this reason, other specialists in the field believe that the recommended age for the child enters kindergarten is between 18 and 24 months As from the year and a half, the child has some autonomy.

Another issue of great concern to parents is that of diseasesBecause when the children start kindergarten with mucus usually begin within weeks and not released until June. In this regard, note that the infant's immune system is immature during the first months of life and progresses with growth, but on the other hand, is rapidly activated to stimuli of infectious agents as Bacteria and virus. In subsequent contact with pathogens, child's defenses are strengthened and the body will activate its "memory" immune when it enters into contact again with the same virus or bacteria. Therefore, the child may get sick more often in day care or school, however, compensation, and defenses have been created to deal with viruses and bacteria in successive stages. However, it is important to check that, whenever the baby is sick, whether different diseases and disorders because relapse can make a poor healing of disease or a weak or inadequate defenses.
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