From crib to bed: when and how to take the step

The change to the bed should be done when the child is between two and three years old, measures about 90 centimeters and acquired skill to get out of the crib

The transition from the crib to bed marks a before and after in the child's autonomy. For a transfer takes place without trauma, and does not create major problems, it is necessary find the best time to make him understand the change, choose the right bed care home safety and maintaining sleep habits.

1. Find the best time

There is no minimum age or a ceiling for the child to spend the crib to bed: Each case is unique. However, in most, the change occurs between two and three years old and it usually marks also the small size.

A baby of 90 centimeters, which can scale, is ready to sleep in the bed

states that the general rule is "that if a baby is about 90 inches and you can climb and get out of the crib, you are ready to sleep in the bed. "Although, as noted by the pediatrician," some children are very agile and get the bars jump before reaching that point, while others are lazy and do not even try. "

For children more nervous, transfer to bed should be mainly to preserve small safety and prevent injury occur when you try to leave the crib.

At other times, however, changing the baby of the crib to bed can mark the need to leave the cradle Free for a new family member. This time, it's best not to match the move with the arrival of a new brother. The step should be done "in a time when the child is calm" in no case should match for the little big moments, as the beginning of the nursery, the arrival of a sibling or a change of address.

2. Make him understand change
The removal of the child from the crib to bed implies a marked change for the small
The transfer of the child from crib to bed involves a significant change to the small. To accept it without problems, it is recommended talk to him and explain the reason for the new situationWith arguments like "it's more and, therefore, going to sleep from now as the biggest" or "has grown so much that you need more space for him and his puppets".

It is also necessary to make him see that the greatest freedom of movement acquired with the bed does not mean you should get out of it continually, but must learn to respect their sleep and others and just getting up when you have to go to the bathroom (if you're ready for it) or for other important needs.

3. Choosing the right bed

The new bed where sleep the child Parents must provide the same security as the cradle. So should consider a few points:

  • that has no sharp corners to avoid dangerous blows to the child.
  • preferably have a height appropriate for the little one can get in and out of her comfort.
  • is advisable to place, at first, a security fence on the sides, to prevent possible falls to the ground overnight.
  • if you have bars on the headboard, the distance between them should make it impossible for the small may be trapped.
4. Care home security

As soon as the child passes the bed It is necessary to take precautions at home to ensure safety in case of lift only at night. One must be aware that what once could not represent any danger, if you can have it now. Some guidelines to consider are:

  • be careful to keep the windows closed you can access easily.
  • close the front door locked.
  • make available no toxic elements or sharp objects and dangerous.
  • leave a small light on to avoid tripping and become disoriented when you get up.
Keep sleeping habits

Regarding the transition from crib to bed, that "it is essential that the change occurs when little has already acquired habit of sleeping well." This is important, especially to prevent the night becomes a continuous parents wandering the small room, or vice versa, the child of his parents.

In this respect, it is advisable to keep the same sleep routines which were taken when the child was sleeping in the crib.

  1. No change times and maintain the same guidelines (such dinner-bath-bed).
  2. Let him sleep in the same way, with his usual stuffed or object that help you sleep.
  3. At first, you can cover them with blankets or quilts in the crib so your feelings do not vary much.
  4. If parents before you read a story when he went to the crib, can now read in bed to associate your new sleeping environment with a nice moment of their routine.
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