Pacifier, How to remove the pacifier to the baby

The pacifier serves to calm or comfort your baby by meeting her sucking reflex. Remove the pacifier to the baby takes time and patience. The pacifier has numerous benefits for the first stage of infant development, including, as revealed by some studies, the prevention of sudden infant death. However, never be offered a pacifier too soon, that is, never before the month or month and a half of life, until it is well instituted the breastfeeding.

Benefits of a pacifier for babies

However, it is important that the pacifier is not withdrawn too late, ie beyond the 3 years of age. In the short term does not create any difficulties in their development, but the Continued use of the pacifiercreate a habit and the more I use more like him. It is recommended that as of eighteen months, babies begin to use the pacifier only for sleep, as from the year or year and a half, natural urge to suckof children decreases as they gain in autonomy and independence. At this stage, babies live an intense process of evolution towards a higher development, are more active in general, but the dummy continues to be a tool that helps them relax.

At two years old, the child uses a pacifier to suck like a toy. Forget the pacifier before 2 years, will prevent the baby makes use of the fingers as a replacement. The general recommendation of pediatricians is that the baby off the pacifier before 3 years of age, ie before the start of the school or Education.

To remove the pacifier to your baby, you can follow these tips

1. Change the pacifier to suck vessels, which promote the development of eye coordination and hands, and help end the pacifier habit.

2. Talk to your child and remind him that it's more, now goes to school and does not need a pacifier.

3. Put the child goals, for example, to use the pacifier only sleeping and reward for achieving those goals.

4. The positive reinforcement works well with children over one year. So praise your child when he behaves like an older child.

5. Take time for your child to leave the pacifier habit, better to go slowly. Choose the best time for him, always in a quiet and relaxed, which does not coincide with major changes in your life or the family life that may affect you. If you move the child's teeth, talk to your dentist and ask for advice.
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