Teaching children the importance of respect

Respectis one of the most important social skills that a person can have. From small and begin to learn how to interact respectfully with others, especially with adults around us. Teaching children the importance of respectis one of the most important tasks we have as companions and educators. In this article we look at some tips for teaching your children respect.

» Teach respect by example
One of the most fundamental things to teach respect is that giver who receives respect. This is especially important in our case,  since it occurs much more exacerbated in children. If we do not respect our children, they will not. The example inrespect of learning, it is completely essential.
If we respect the screams, we are giving mixed messages and confuse the child (apart from the frustration that comes when you get the opposite result to that hope). Always remember to lead by example, be as respectful as you can with both children and adults.

» Give value to respect
Not only the example of adults is important, but we can also teach respectby other children. The next time you see another child in a situation where you are being respectful, acknowledge and praise him in front of the children. Thus, you will be checking that respect is an admirable quality in all children equally. Of course you must not only praise when they show respect for other children, but above all you must praise your own children when they show this beautiful quality.

» Being a patient guide
Another way to build respectis to understand that children are being educated and who have not yet learned to be handled correctly as usadults, we have many more years of experience. Therefore it is expected that from time to time have behavior problems.

Remember, most of the time it just does not know how to express. Teach them to identify their emotions ("I am sad", "I am angry") is important to ensure that the child is emotionally healthy, have a good performance, and become a respectful person.

» Praise respectful attitudes
You can also use different times to remind children how important it was to use respect on this occasion, trying to speak from your perspective and how you perceived the action. For example:  "Remember when we went to the grandparents? Really liked how you helped grandma cook and Grandpa listened without interruption as you told that story."

With a loving and patient guide can teach children about respect.

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