Ten Tips for washing baby clothes

During the first few months, it is essential to wash the baby's clothes separately with mild soap and no fabric softeners

Thebaby's skinis much more delicate and sensitive than adults, so it is necessary for parents to pay particular attention to washing and garment care and clothes that are in direct contact with it. During the first few months you shoulduse specific laundry detergent for babiesor delicate andavoid fabric softener and other additives. In any case, the baby's skin will show if a product thatwill produce a negative reaction.

Basic Guidelines

Before washing any garment, whether baby or adult, it is essential to follow some basic guidelines that promote the correct washing, prevent deterioration and prevent garments suffer any damage:
•Separate color: white clothes in the washing must separate that which presents strong or intense colors. Thus, it prevents clothes and color fade spoil the lighter.

•Separate by fabric type: Some garments are made ​​with delicate fabrics that require more care in washing. You should avoid clean these garments are more resistant to damage them, and follow these guidelines to clean thistype of specific tissues.

•Empty pockets: you need to check the pockets of the clothes are empty to prevent other elements or objects that can damage clothes washing interfere.

•Pay attention to the labels: the label contains the information necessary to care for the clothes properly. Importantly, the various symbols that indicate, among otherthings, the type of washing, the useof additives and guidelines recommended drying and ironing.

Specific tips for baby clothes

1.All clothing: applying guidelines washing baby clothes should not just limited to clothing, it is also important to pay attention to the washingof beddingwhich is touching the baby, and with other items such as gauze, bibs or stuffed animals.

2.Independent Washing: during the first six months, you should wash the baby's clothes separately from other garments of people living in the home. This is particularly advisable to avoid contact with dirt extreme or dangerous products that may contain other clothes.One can also use protective clothes bag.

3.Delicates: more delicate clothes (asincluding embroidery, beading or lace) and which is made ​​more sensitive fabrics (like silk) Hand washing is preferable to prevent damage or break the contact with other clothes in the washer.

4.Woolens: washing wool clothing baby can be performed by hand or,if desired, in the washing machine on a gentle cycle for delicate or specific to wool. Pay special attention tothe washing temperature, which must be kept warm. On drying, it is bestnot to hang clothesand let it dry on a flat surface (can be placed under a towel to absorb moisture) so they do not stretch or deform.

5.Remove any tough stains: baby clothing is stained with stool frequency, leftovers or vomiting that must be add ressed befor eproceeding with normal washing.It is important to act quickly so that the stain does not dry out and put the garment so aked with a little soap to remove dirt more important.

6.Soap Type: during the first months is recommended to use both hand washing and machine, a special soap for delicate or specific baby. As the baby grows from about six months you may introduce other detergents and apply them first on a single garment to check that it has no negative reaction on the baby's skin.

7.Using softeners and additives: bothsoftening and other additives that are often used for clothes (bleach and other cleaning fluid) may contain chemicals harmful to the delicate skin of newborn baby, especially if there are remains afterwashing. You can avoid the use of these products in the first months and then gradually incorporate by tests on a single garment.

8.Hand Washing: When washing clothes by hand is necessary to payspecial attention to the final rinse to avoid leaving traces of soap or detergent on the clothes.

9.Machine wash: if possible, you can use a program that includes double rinse to prevent remaining detergent residue on clothing. When accumulated baby clothes is not enough to charge the entire washing program can choose a reduced charge.

10.Ironing: many baby clothes do notneed ironing but when so, avoid using very high temperatures in the iron that can damage delicate garments which are composed of sensitive tissues.

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