Nine steps to prevent child domestic accidents

The fragility of small, combined with his boundless curiosity and his difficulty in understanding the dangers, risk rises with household mishaps

The statistics are clear: by age, the group most affected by domestic accidents is that encompasses people aged 25 to 44, and the least affected, that of young children (up to age 4) . However, this does not mean they should relax the measures at home to avoid such mishaps. Keep in mind that small make up the most vulnerable group and that his enormous curiosity, coupled with their limited understanding, can cause more of a headache.

Simple and useful actions to prevent childhood accidents

Accidents involving children often do not cause hospital admissions, but this does not detract risk. It is therefore appropriate to implement a number of simple precautions that give very quietly at the thought of the welfare of the children at home.

The advice
  1. Talking to children. While not always be able to understand the gravity of their actions somehow must inculcate certain behaviors and warn of certain risks, always clear and simple words, you know. It is important to consider that children can remember everything you tell an adult at any time. If to make the small take some medicine easier adults are called "candy", it is possible that, at the slightest opportunity, the child seeks to take those "forbidden candy." So, you can never neglect the responsibility of adults to behaviors of children.
  2. Do not leave them alone Especially when they are very small. If parents are away from home, it is advisable to seek out someone to accompany and monitor their children. As children grow, this rule can be relaxed.
  3. Use monitoring mechanisms or intercom. That technology exists. The intercom (audio only both as audio and video) are acquired for very affordable prices and give a big advantage to keep small controlled.
  4. Ensure that household doors and windows remain securely closed and children do not have easy access to them. This also includes the doors and drawers of the cabinets, especially the kitchen. Different safety locks prevent children from gaining access to dangerous tools, chemicals and glassware, among others.
  5. Corroborate the electrical connections meet all safety requirements and that are not within the reach of small appliances cords are supported on the furniture (like irons, mixers or sound). Watch also the handles of pots and pans, and the ends of the cloth, so the child can tug to pull the objects that are on it, it would fall over the child and would hit or burn.
  6. Do not leave children in elevated surfaces and / or many steps or slopes to prevent falling and hitting.
  7. Toys and objects to handle, especially babies, should have a minimum size to avoid that, in the event that they should be put in the mouth, choking them.
  8. As the child grows, straight edges and cover the edges and points of furniture according to their action (especially height and, consequently, the height of the head), as they can cause wounds and injuries.
  9. It is very important fix the furniture to the wallAbove all, the cabinets can become unstable and tip over the ground, such as shelves, shelves and cabinets. There are numerous anchors to prevent with a simple tug, furniture falling on children and crushed him.
If despite all this attention is an accident, you should immediately call medical emergency telephone for instructions on how to proceed. It is worth remembering a few basic recommendations:
  • The first: if the child has fallen and is unconscious, avoid moving, although he can entertain with blankets.
  • The second: in case of burns, it is best not to apply liquid or ointment gauze, only cold tap water.
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