School starts! : Ideas to begin the school with good start

The first days of school or nursery are usually a bit chaotic: the whole family has to change schedules and spend the adaptation period and children need to get used to his teammates, his teacher, new classroom ... These tricks will help you to much softer landing.

Start the course! Remember that the first few weeks must have more time than necessary to get up, have breakfast, get to school or to nursery... The rush and a stressed parents do not help anything start the course off right.

So, a good idea is that mom and dad to suit your schedule school rhythm. If not, will eventually run out and will inevitably face a day with little patience and moodiness. And that, ultimately, affects children.

Tips for a happy return to school
  • Leave everything ready for the night: uniform or clothing that is to be carried to school, backpacks ready, water mid morning ... This avoids unnecessary scares up and nothing is easier to get out on time.
  • Put half an hour before the alarm clock: until the body (and head) is used to the school's normal rhythm do everything slower. If we have some time to spare, the return to routine will be much more relaxed.
  • Visit before the cole: Ideally what to know before starting class. If not, a walk around the school will help the child to see him as a familiar.
  • Do not be late on the first day: out a bit before making the journey home without haste, to park (if you go by car) and go to class with the rest of the companions far more pleasant.
  • Make the adjustment period: even an effort for parents, the child will help you take better, especially if you are starting in kindergarten or going to school without going through the nursery.
  • Bring your lovey: the little one will feel better if accompanied her to class favorite doll or ball of the soul (yes, you have to ask before school or at school, because some do not let them bring toys from home).
  • Security Convey: explain the importance of growing up and how well it is doing. Some parents do not take well the first few days of school, but it is important not to infect him our fears.
  • Pick up the child with a smile: but mom and dad have had a hard day of work, the small has been waiting many hours the moment of reunion.
  • Ask: you have to know how was your day, we never overwhelm with questions infi nity. Also tell us what your profession, we must not lose sight of the impressions of the child.
  • Be patient: cole start is a major change, it is normal to be somewhat nervous.
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