College: When children need a private teacher?

Parents often do not know when our children need a private teacher. The lack of time to keep track of the duties of our children do we think that a teacher at home can be a good reinforcement. But is it really so? When do children really need tutoring?

Fear school failure leads many Parents to think that with what the children made in the school not enough. If grades are not as good as desired and suspense start to become a reality, many families think that the solution is a private teacher.

Moreover, for business reasons, many parents have little time to pursue the study of children. They stay calmer thinking that the private teacher is encouraged study habits and reinforce the weak points. But it is always beneficial? What are the requirements? Should know the school private teacher?

Tips for Choosing private teacher
  • The need for a private teacher must always be indicated by the guardian of the classroom. It is he who will assess whether it is appropriate in each case. And who will check what needs to be strengthened and how.
  • If at the first difficulty was put tutorials, can subject the child to an overload that can lead you to reject all academic.
  • If not done in coordination with his private teacher, rather than a help can become a nuisance, since the child is subjected to two different teaching styles. The criteria of the school and the private teacher can be very different.
  • If you opt for private lessons we seek a trained teacher. Many times people are offered inadequate training, which moves primarily a lucrative interest.
  • If you receive Extra classes Should never take them as punishment or retaliation for not getting the desired notes. We care for your self-esteem and motivation, preventing it from feeling bad for not learning the rhythm of his classmates.
  • We must not forget that children need play and move freely. Nor that recreational activities also provide many learning (not just textbooks). Should not overloading participants with an excess of schoolwork.
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