The beach develops the Baby creativity

On the beach, everything is new for babies. And while we must take Many precautions ,May be an appropriate place for the baby to have fun, either with their own toys or sand, taking their first steps or helping build castles. In the next article the games listed in the sands encourage the development of fine motor skills and creativity in children and explains why the sand is an optimum surface to help them walk.

The beach is a veritable new universe for baby, Which seems to discover a new world every day. Everything is different: the horizon, soil, people around ... It should be a lot of care and precautions to carry a baby to the beach. Your skin is very sensitive, so you must always be dressed and shade and prevent the small spend too much time on the beach and, in particular, during the hours when the sun's rays affect more intensely. But, in addition to taking the necessary measures to prevent, what can be done with a little boy in the beach?

The beach, at home

As the baby must be in the shade, you have to think of activities that can be done within a confined space. Many toys with the little fun at home can be a great tool for that, too, have a good time in the beach. And he will be happy that their dolls, balls and rattles have accompanied him.

The toys that the baby has fun at home also will have fun on the beach
A very useful resource on the beach is to use a foam carpet. At home, these surfaces provide a soft soil, friendlier to the baby takes its first steps and falls are less harsh and painful. On the beach the floor is not rigid, but the dangers are not limited to: sand is carried to the mouth or, conversely, that ends the mouth to the sand, which is everywhere. In addition, foam mats serve to prevent toys are buried in the sand, which reduces the risk of losing them.

The sand helps build fine motor skills of the little

The beach is an optimal setting for the baby begin to develop their coordination. "It is advisable to encourage the development of fine motor skills in babies," says Almudena Valle, speech therapist. Fine mobility refers to movements that require coordination important for small, as is the domain of the five fingers to pick up objects.

This type of motor normally evolves between 18 months and three years old, but you can work from before with various games. In particular, "Work with sand"Says Valle, help the little foster fine motor skills: shipments of sand, shells and filled containers are examples. If the sand is there to be seized.

Beach games that develop creativity Baby

Baby will enjoy while checking how to change the type of soil by treading on the beach
1. On the beach, children have so much fun with simple games, As an adult to lift when the water enters the beach. This game puts them in expectation and waiting for the next wave, because they know they will be raised in the air.
2. Near the shore, you can dig a small pit to operate as a single pool for the baby, where you can have fun without the problems caused by the waves. Moreover, regardless of the temperature of the water in the sea, that small amount of water will turn warm soon.
3. And also, of course, but babies are still small, we must help them the most classic game of beach: build sandcastles. It will be important to have a bucket, shovel, rake and plastic spoon, so that little can assist with transportation of sand, water and maybe some rocks, shells or small shells. It never hurts to remember the special care must be taken to prevent the child take any of these things in their mouths, as it could choke.

The results of the sand should be building with architectural feats. The child almost enjoy it more when demolishing it to build buildings. But that does not mean that there will be fascinated when his father or his mother placed a pile of wet sand in a bucket, turn and sand remains fixed, respecting the shape of the container. The baby does not have the ability to do so, but this action encourages creativity.

The first steps when you start walking on the beach

Sand is also a suitable surface for the baby being animated to take its first steps, offering stimulating ridges and irregularities in the feet touch the child and encourage him to continue. As the walks will lead an adult, they should go behind the largest baby and carrying or holding arms from above.

The small enjoy while checking how much change the type of soil on the steps: from the dry sand farther from the shore to the wet by the water just happened and where your feet will sink.

It is essential, however, have careful with the temperature: That the sand is not too hot or too cold water. Not only because of the damage they can cause in the moment, but the possible consequences that can result in long-term child, as fear of water.
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