Safety seats for babies and children

Despite efforts made in the child safety on the road, The fact is that accidents remain the leading cause of infant mortality (Children aged 0 -14 years). That is why the child road safety is a priority area. And is that 75% of traffic accidents could be avoided, Conveniently using security systems in the cardesigned especially for children. Every year in Europe are approximately 1.1 million traffic accidents about 1.6 million injuries (of which there were 30,000 deaths).

However, when analyzing the evolution of child road safety in the last twenty years (1990-2009) in Spain, the conclusion is encouraging, because for the first time the number of children (0-14 years) died as a result of traffic accidents has been reduced, in particular, 80% less.

The number has dropped from 307 deaths in 1990 to 60 deaths in 2009. One factor that has influenced this decrease in traffic accidents, Has been without doubt the use of child safety seats. Today, nearly 90 percent of children use safety seats, however, the concern is that nearly 40 percent of children killed in traffic accidents were not using any security measure on the cars. Seats or safety seats for infants and children are the most effective measure for fight against traffic accidents.

Therefore, to protect the lives of babies and children requires the use of safety seats in the car. The car seat is the best instrument to travel with the child on the road Because it ensures the containment, protection and better retention in case of accident. This is because each seat, despite having different sizes depending on model, has a housing structure and proportional to the size of the child, belts built for smaller, specific protections in case of side impacts.

The safety belt the car itself is not an instrument suitable and safe for a child, as it is designed specifically for adult safety. Most of the car seats offers the possibility to adjust the fit and containment parts, according to stages of development in the child's growth. Besides reducing the corresponding cushions, ideal for younger children, and retire when they grow there, as the types and models available in trade, various solutions that can regulate the height, width and inclination (the back , the headrest and / or armrest). These regulations are intended to ensure the child is always the best protection at all times of development.
How to choose the chair for baby

The choice of car seat should be assessed in terms of child's weight. European legislation divides the weight-weight-groups, ie weight ranges that are classified in child car seats. Each seat is designed, and manufactured homologous with this benchmark.
  1. Group 0 from birth to 10 kg Until to 9 months approximately.
  2. Group 0+ from birth to 13 kg Until to 12 months approximately.
  3. Group 1 9 to 18 kg from the 8 months -Until To 4 years approximately.
  4. Group 2 15 to 25 kg from the 3 months -Until to 6 years approximately.
  5. Group 3 22 to 36 kg from the 5 months-Until 12 years approximately.
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