Adaptation of children from 3 to 5 years to school

It starts a new course and all children must return to school. For some it is their first time. For both veterans and children beginners, its adaptation to the new school, but especially the educator school is undoubtedly the main aspect of the initial fitting, since, for children, the main reference point is the adult who is with them and will care for them. In this sense, the attitude of the teacher must be of approximation, respect, affection (Without anxiety or burdens) and comfort with typical maladaptive reactions: crying, tantrums or temper tantrums.

The early childhood educator in the child's adjustment to school
Personal contact between the educator and the child must be established with confidence, from the beginning. It is appropriate at school begin to call the child by name from day one, while the teacher tells his. It is also important that the teacher knows some general features of the child's personality, Data to be able to get through the general meeting held prior to the parents before start of the course Or through the report of the previous teacher for children old. In short, it is that the teacher try to create a safety climate warmth and affection for the child to feel safe.

Child's social adaptation to the group

The integration of the child in the group of classmates is essential for proper adjustment. Using different sets of presentations, children soon know the behalf of their fellow and may make new friends. In this sense, it would be interesting to try that when I get a new child, which are from last year or who have been coming a few days, take care to teach newcomers the class, their names or their toys.
Space adaptation of children to school and classroom

The space in which children will be spending much of the day is now new to them. For students, whether new or not, the classroom will be different from your home or classroom last year. It is important that children feel comfortable in this space, who knows, and become familiar with it to get a better match. It would be interesting that I could see the space of its school or school as their own. Thus, educators should try to familiarize children with the location of school supplies, the rightful perch, the space it occupies on the ground at the time of game, Tables, the slate, Etc. Similarly, the child must adapt to the new space it deserves in the dining room: You must know which table belongs sit, in what place and next to which friends.
The child adapts to the rest of the school

The world of school is not limited to an educator and a classroom at school but there are many more things.
  1. Indoors. Other classrooms, kitchen, first aid, offices, gym, Nursing services, etc..
  2. Outdoors. Courtyard of older small yard, trees, fences, tennis basketball, Field football, Gardens and green spaces, experimental garden and parking around the school.
  3. People. Cooking and cleaning staff, teachers and educators, janitors, doctors, coordinators, suppliers, maintenance, cooking and cleaning, etc..
Parents also need to adjust to school

The heads of schools should consider distress posed to parents separated from their children, taking into account the guilt feeling that this entails. The best way is that educators and teachers of their children talk with confidence and affection for you to realize who know both their status as children, so with absolute certainty that your children are to find very well in school. A good way to get in touch with parents is the personal interview and direct contact to give them and tell them the fact sheet on adaptation.
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