Use of uniform in schools: do you agree?

More and more schools to set and use standard school uniform. To me, especially when my daughter switched to a supporter of school uniform, did not see it as a sacrifice or a breach of their freedom. Instead, we have felt so relieved! No more disputes in the morning for that 'what I wear?' or 'where are those pants that I love?', etc., etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of school uniform

My daughter came great to be in a school uniform. The buddies beginning to do at school did not come to her because she wore a fashionable clothing, brand or "cool" and "cool". In his previous school, she told me that there were girls who were always making comparisons of their clothes with the other and that seemed fatal. When I remember that, on the use of uniforms in schools. It seems that in some schools there obsession by idioms and comparisons based on the clothing worn by children.

The uniform, no doubt, is a very practical and more egalitarian dress the children. It is also more economical and convenient way to avoid discrimination and teasing within the school for who dress better or worse. The child who is not able to use higher-quality clothing and not feel different or inferior to others. The uniform, as the name says, unifying models and styles and can even encourage self-esteem and help everyone feel equal. Each child is valued for its efforts, for his contribution as a person, and so it takes over your body. Outside school, children already have their predilections as to what you saw.

I've always used uniformly small and have never had trauma or problems of autonomy, Nor at any time felt that was a uniform punishment I imposed the school along with my parents. Of course, many children refuse to have to put the uniform, but that's a very common attitude in students. At some point complain not only of the uniform, and also that there many duties, That dining food is bad or that your school will not let them take toys, Etc. The truth is that it was only in exclusive private schools, each day raises more interest from schools and parents of students. Done something bad, right?
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