How to avoid a child to say bad words? How to prevent children insult, What to do when children curse?

How to avoid a child to say bad words?


In the life of every child can be a time when you start using profanity. As parents often do not, many of them are shocked and react desperate, not knowing how to handle the situation. Here are some tips for prevent children say bad words.

Vocabulary rude in children

Whence and why they learn?

One very important thing that parents obviated when their children start insult and say profanity is that children are not born with that vocabulary, or with none. This means, first, that they must have heard those words in any context, but not exactly the home or direct talks with them. Needless to diagnose that frequents places, so that we know what the origin of repetition.

Second, observe when and why he uses little. Children often use bad words as a reason of grace, knowing that it is forbidden provokes a hilarious and repeated pleasure to see the faces of their parents' astonishment. They are acts of mischief, basically not unhealthy. In these cases, it is best to explain what the meaning and connotation of these words. Generally, losing that sense of mystery, children stop using them.

However, sometimes the children are using that vocabulary rude because they need to express anxieties, frustrations, fears, anger who have been trapped in them and do not know how to communicate.

Here is worth the same, a good conversation with the child, offering the possibility of using other alternatives. There are words or phrases in our language that have the same expressive load and are not rude (gee, gosh, wow, etc.). Eye: the most important thing here is to know what is happening to the child. It is not enough to express better if left behind discontent and aggression, which is then expressed otherwise.

Managing the use of bad language by age

Young children the best solution is to ignore them. If you do not react, probably will not use the bad word again. Another variation is to transform the word that told a similar normal usually emphasize this.


In this age school children already know what they mean and what bad words provoke reaction. Often try to test the limits. Very importantly, stay calm and serenity. What more awaits your child is that you skids and alarm reactions. Instead, explain why you can not use those words, that some people do but that children should not use them.

While it is difficult to prevent children say profanity It is not impossible at all. Use the advice you have offered and, above all, stay calm and be consistent. If you handle the situation well the problem will disappear gradually.

How to prevent children insult

It's a rather embarrassing situation when we are with our children and children insult someone, Either from another child or an adult. It is important not to let ignore this situation and we talk to our children about it, otherwise it could become a habit very difficult to change. So today we will look at some tips for how to prevent children insult.

Educating by example is the most important advice we give. What children learn at home then repeated everywhere, and it is crucial not to listen at home profanity or insult others, even jokingly.

Curious Kids

Children often do not really know that they are somehow attacking someone, like when they say: "Look mom's nose that gentleman!" Or "Look at that ugly dad is that lady". In these situations they are not intentionally insulting, but are expressing and sharing their curiosity. In these cases, if we find that the person has listened, we quickly offer an apology and tell our son who will talk about this later.

When we get home we calmly explain that we all have different appearances, and that while the look of someone can get our attention, we should not point this out because it can be offensive.

Insulting may seem funny

Sometimes children have learned on TV or any other children and perhaps offensive insult seems he's saying something funny. In these cases we must tell you that what you just said is an insult and should not to repeat these words in any field.

The way to deal with the situation will be different depending on the age of your child. If your child is 4 or 5 years and is able to understand when you say that was rude, which has hurt the other person, and not to use such expressions.

For older children, generally already know what are the words that could be offensive and therefore should not say them to anyone. If your child has insulted someone ask first why you have, then explain that his attitude was not appropriate and that made you angry, finally reversed the situation and ask how you would feel if someone insulted.

Talk to your children about

No matter the age of the child, the dialogue is always the best way to address such problems, it is the only way you will understand why children should not have this kind of attitude. If you yell or punish them without giving any explanation, will not understand that their behavior was not appropriate.

Punishing a good disciplinary action Should such occurrences, but remember always give an explanation, but the punishment will be useless because they will not learn anything from it.

What to do when children curse

Nothing worse than listening to our son swearing. Sure you hold your head every time you feel your child is cursing ... Where have learned these things?, You wonder. But rather than despair, best to act. Learn with us what to do when children curse.

Do not be surprised

Honestly, if you're a new mother feel more than appalled and lost against this kind of attitude of the children. But you need to understand how simple or slightly unusual for this behavior. It is better to take it as naturally as possible to loosen tensions and explain things through dialogue.

Parents lead by example

Are you a good role model? Yes, of course. Surely it is more important to question and berate small when they start cursing. But ... Have you thought if you behave well enough in front of them?

The younger children tend to repeat what they hear, so perhaps the source of the problem can be you as a parent. Be careful with the repeat words in front of them.

Find out why

If you managed to go undefeated the previous step, you will know for sure that you are not responsible for this strange attitude. But who or what is? Even such everyday acts such as watching TV or playing on a square causes the child to interact with people of different manners. While you can not control 100% of the links, you must be as careful as possible.

Explain the meaning of words

As we said, repetition is the most common. But their age does not always allow them to think what exactly is being said. Explain the rude and disrespectful behavior that is adapting to repeat "bad words". This will help the child to think twice before doing violence verbally.

Browse the source of your emotions

Perhaps the need to download "rage" in others is due to a problem that has not been able to ascertain. Try to create different words they can use when they feel they must say something.
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