Outdoor play improves a child's imagination

The activities in open spaces provide physical benefits to the child and help develop their creativity and sociability

Video games, the lack of parental time and shortage of green areas are factors that make children spend less time in nature than they need. However, since they are newborns, they need to spend time outdoors as outdoors games stimulate children's creativity. Experts consider it essential that small are active in open space, and recommend it for at least an hour a day. Among other advantages, the outdoors encourages children's autonomy.

Many doctors stress the importance of children to spend time outdoors ,Because, among other advantages, promotes child's creativity, Autonomy and social relationships. Modern life, however, seems to conspire against this need: the lack of parks and open areas in cities, lack of parental time-working many hours a day, as well as developing game attractive increasingly contribute to the children tend to spend much time indoors. These activities also tend to encourage sedentary habits of children. And that is something to be avoided.

The games open spaces stimulate children's creativity
The activities in open spaces stimulate the curiosity of children and require them to think creatively
The outdoor game provides benefits to the child in the psychological and mental child, Though perhaps not always be obvious. These activities require children to think in a creative Stimulate their curiosity and forces them to make decisions and solve problems through their imagination.

Overall, the house, and even public spaces for games such as playgroups or playgrounds, are organized. In the natureHowever, the child faces an open space, where the limits for the games and activities have to put himself, with their creativity and imagination.

The nature provides childAlso the opportunity to have social interactions with other small quality of their age, or the like. Many children, especially those without siblings, need to get out of the home environment to bond with other peers, and begin to have contacts and relationships.

Newborns need to walk outdoors

Children can enjoy the outdoors almost from birth. A report doctor prepared by the Joint Commission on Area 10 Pediatrics Hospital of Getafe, Madrid, concludes that newborn can go for a walk since arriving home, which "is a stimulus for the development of the child".

This group of pediatricians recommended, however, that in winter the outputs are for infants "soledas hours" and with the baby well wrapped. By contrast, in summer field trips must be made during less hot, and with the small light clothes.

The child needs the incidence of the sun for your body to synthesize vitamin D which requires
It is important that also the child receive sunlight. Its action is necessary for your skin to synthesize vitamin D, Which causes, among other things, that their bones requiring calcium assimilated. However, we must take some precautions when it comes to exposing the small sun: The Babies have very sensitive skin, so summer can not receive the direct impact of its rays directly.

The outdoors fosters the child's autonomy

As the child grows, treat the child develop a taste for activities active leisure: Be in contact with the open and nature will allow you to experiment with the five senses his relationship with the outside world.

-Or crawl-walk on the grass, feeling different textures, smells, temperatures and hear the different sounds of nature, give the baby a world of knowledge that will stimulate their abilities, perceptions and imagination. Thus, the child will develop their own games, and, therefore, to develop its autonomy.

Outdoor activities help improve mood and help children avoid becoming overweight
Playing in open spaces outdoors, provides also for the possibility of children exercise while having fun. The children have more room to move, walk and run, and, therefore, consume more power. Outdoor physical activities contribute to avoid childhood overweight, A problem that affects one in Spain in four children.

Physical activity also allows small release endorphins, making them relax and combat anxiety. That is, the outdoor activities help improve the mood of children. Also makes them tired and at night can sleep better.

A sedentary lifestyle, overall child problem

The problem of the lack of activity in the children affects most of the Western world. A report published in April 2012, notes that in the United States, almost half of the children does not engage with his parents outdoors on a daily basis. Experts, however, recommend that children get at least one hour of physical activity a day.

What matters, then, is to combine the activities taking place indoors with activities open, So that children to create their own games, develop their creativity, strengthen social bonds, and also healthier.
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