How to get the baby to say "goodbye" to the diaper

The key is not pressed, with some technical help ... and patience

Each mother and father asks him not once, but twice, three ... on countless occasions as the baby grows: how can you stop using the diaper? This issue has many sides, related to the stages of child development, with the fatigue generated by the parents, with the economic ... No foolproof recipes, but there are a number of techniques to promote the baby leaves the diaper as soon as possible and in the most natural.

No scolding

First and foremost, however much it is deemed that the child is old enough to leave the diaper, and severe fatigue that causes the issue, which you should never do is to scold or insist too much on the subject. The result of doing so may be just the opposite of what is intended, that is, it can cause trauma to the child, with the result that cost much more then put aside the diaper. So rule number one is: patience.

Furthermore, we must distinguish between two very different: stop using the diaper during the day is not the same as leaving the night, to sleep. The daytime diaper is easier to leave and children much earlier, for the night, the time to let it take even years.

Leave the diapers during the day

The most widely recommended by experts for children to stop wearing diapers during the day is simple. It consists of taking the small to sit on the potty every hour and let it do what you have to do. It is a way to create the habit. Sometimes you may not want and will not do anything, and if so, no problem: after about five minutes, to pull up his pants and move on.

Some issues that often help:
  • The child has his own potty. Thus, will recognize it as a special place where you will go when you feel the need. We recommend a small potty appropriate to their size, and no special caps that are used to adapt the standard toilet, as this is more uncomfortable, you have to climb at least a stepping stone, etc. The idea is to pave the way as much as possible.
  • Being with him and help get distracted. For this, it is best to always have some books about appealing to small, large, colorful images. So, "go potty" will be related to the small moment with a pleasant and even fun.
  • Have more patience with poop than pee. Doctors say that children have a harder stool because unconsciously associate it with "letting go" of their own, a part of themselves. But it is nothing terrible: even if it takes a little longer, naturally will do so too slowly.
  • Give small prizes if you avoid soiling and alerts you when you win. Something to eat that you really like or a trip to the park can be an excellent motivation for the issue is pending and not let yourself be.

When you start implementing these resources? It depends on each case, but in general the two years is a good age to stop using small diaper during the day. In some cases, even a year and a half and can begin to notice every time I need, which greatly facilitates the job of parenting.

At night costs more

The process of giving diapers to sleep more costly. You have to think of it as a long-term, as there are also fewer tricks and recommendations ... and need (even) more patience.

The basics are always take to make pee before bedtime. Of course, this is not enough for you then be several hours without urinating, especially when you consider that many small have a greater need to do at night than during the day. But it helps.

It is also recommended not to drink liquids in the last two hours before bedtime. Thus, the pressure to urinate at night will be less. Some doctors also suggest small wake in the middle of the night so they can pee, but many against it, as this disrupts their sleep and proper rest and can reveal them. So, that may be the remedy worse than the disease.

Otherwise ... only remains to wait until, with the passage of time, sphincter control during wakefulness have also extends into sleep. If you spend a week without a wet diaper at night, may be a good time to take it off. However, there are children who, by "lazy", are "demanding" the diaper at night without needing it but take time of day, even when napping.

This kind of unconscious mechanism makes it not uncommon, for example, a child who takes long time without wetting it does just the day when his parents decide to sleep without a diaper ... So that the kids should continue to use the diaper at night until the situation is definitely controlled, otherwise, nocturnal incidents can also generate some kind of trauma in them.

And patience, more patience. The need to wear diapers to sleep can be up to 4 or 5 years old ... If for the 6's still needed, it will be time to consult a specialist. No panic or exaggerated concern, because sooner or later you can control. As the wounds, it's nothing that time will not come to remedy.
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