Tips for bad mood management for children

When least expected, children may get angry and evil genius by many and varied reasons. By getting up early or changing clothes until you can see the TV when you want and want. Other than that, children are often angry because they have to go to school or when they have many duties that prevent them from sitting around at home. They also take a bad mood when they want to go to bed on time and, usually, by the things they can not change.

Bad Mood management for children
bad mood of children
1 - The child with a temper to do much exercise. Play outside and practice your favorite sport. Karate is very suitable for children who want to dominate his genius.

2 - Let the child feel secure and confident enough that with the help of his parents, he can control his temper.

3 - Have your child learn to express their feelings with words. Say what bothers and annoys, before losing control otherwise.

4 - Have your child get disconnected from the situation that bothers him. For example, if someone gets angry, better to stay away for a while this person and regain contact only when calmer.

5 - That the child used to think of your room. If the child operates with parents or siblings, should be sent to his room to think and calm down. Let him see that this is not a punishment and a way of calming themselves.

6 - That the child is encouraged to externalize his feelings, dancing, listening to music, playing an instrument, writing, drawing, Painting ... Also try the exercise of "Be a Volcano" that stand with your feet together. Board the palms of his hands before the chest and press against each other. Then spread your legs a break while you raise your hands above the head and then separate them by dropping them on both sides. While doing so, emits explosive sound (PUUUFFFF!). He asks the child to imagine being a volcano, spewing fire, lava and steam. When finished, the child must make three deep breaths. It is likely that the anger he felt was lost.

7 - That the child realizes that his efforts to control impulses have good results. It is important that the child's parents do not behave the same way that they, in his temper. And they are, above all, an example of calm and serenity to talk to them, even when angry. When your child is nervous, it is best not scold or judge. That will worsen the situation. Better to remain silent.
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