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Toys gift for babies from 3 to 6 months

In the second quarter of life, after serving 3 months, the Babies give a big jump in their physical and their interest and interactions with the world around them. Parents can attend this wonderful process of discovery and development by providing them with physical and sensory learning toys that encourage this growth.

Here are some ideas of toys gift for babies of 3-6 months.
Toys with mirror

An ideal gift for this age are toys with mirror. The baby will bask in the reflection of his image and laugh a lot watching that baby who looks in the mirror. There mirrored from rattles to accessories to add to colechito or floor mat, or mirrored balls and cones that rest easily on the floor to let the eye level of little.
Gyms and blankets interactive

If completed the 3 months you still have not tried a small gym or interactive blanket, this age is perfect to introduce in their games, with the assurance that enjoy until past half year. These objects provide a safe and soft to play on the floor with multiple baby accessories that provide different sensory experiences through sounds, colors and textures. The gyms include structures that babies try to grab with their hands and that will encourage them to crawl and eventually crawl.
Toys with motion

Toys with motion stimulate baby's visual focus attending an important aspect of their development. Toys can be small and inexpensive, such as cylinders which roll along the ground. 3 months of age the infant acquires the ability to see clearly at a distance and you can keep your eyes moving toys.
Toys to grab

A simple gift, practical and never fails with a baby of 3-6 months is a rattle or a teething ring. Toys to grab with their hands are the perfect partners to help your baby develop fine motor and motor reflexes. There are different models with different sounds and textures, all made of materials suitable for the baby to mouthing safely.
Toys multisensory

A number of educational toys that stimulate simultaneously more than one sense of the baby. This is an aspect to consider when buying a gift for a baby 3-6 months: ensure that the toy at the same time, be visually appealing, have different textures to touch and chew, has sounds that attract attention and are easy to do for the baby's hand. These toys end up being the favorites of children.

Toys for babies from 6 to 12 months

During these months the baby starts discover all that surrounds it, are shapes, colors, voices, textures, aromas, etc.. It is very important to give the stimuli necessary for optimal development. One option is to offer these toys for babies 6 to 12 months that are fun and flashy.

These toys are unique in that make sounds when the baby's tightened and play with them. They have bright colors that stimulate the senses of our little baby, the textures are varied and very simple forms for the baby can begin to associate the.

There are games for baby recessed go experiencing the sizes and shapes relationships. Something very interesting is that walkers strollers have a range of games and accessories possible that the baby, who sits, you can use: hanging with movement, sound surfaces, colors, shapes, etc..

The model kit gives many possibilities as it can be separated into many parts which, in turn, are assembled into balls so that the baby touch and rotate.

Are toys for babies 6 to 12 months highlighting the functionality and stimulation that promote the baby. As Dads we enjoy this stage and make the most and so continue hearing our beloved baby.

Toys for babies from 6 to 9 months

If you have a small between 6 and 9 months, Now here we recommend what are the learning toys more age-appropriate.

Each time the Baby psychomotor development has different characteristics, and toys and objects that you offer your baby can stimulate the development of healthy way. Here are some suggestions toys for babies 6 to 9 months.
To encourage crawling and moving

Your baby is between 6 and 9 months probably already crawling or practicing how to crawl, stand or crawl forward. Toys that roll on the floor motivate baby to pursue and advance it. Options include soft balls, pushing vehicles and wheeled carts.

To stimulate fine motor

The baby of this age will noticeably increase their fine motor skills, making objects collide with each other, trying to make towers of cubes or placing toys into containers. This ability can be stimulated by a variety of soft toys like stacking cubes, little baskets and small sets of objects to put inside as balls or small pieces of fabric and wool cubes insertable into one another, and so on.

For bath time

At this age and bath time can become an instant play for your baby, where you will enjoy splashing in the water and play. There are many suitable toys for the bathtub, try to float the product and specify that the materials are safe to be taken to the baby's mouth when that happens.

Search options: floating cars, water toys that launch when pressed, containers to collect water and drop, etc..

To learn cause and effect

At this point in its development the baby becomes more aware of his surroundings, as their understanding of how the world around them is increasing. For this, the toys they produce cause and effect situations are very helpful.

For example: toy cars on ramps that slide downhill, pianos that generate sound by pressing the keys and towers that fall to be very high.

For language development

Although it may seem that it is too small, the Baby language development from 6 to 9 months is constantly expanding. The booklets of images made in fabric and simple materials for this age are great, because you can read them by naming the object that appears in each image (animals, fruits) are sensory yet appropriate. Looking attractive color booklets, comfortable size for your baby and materials such as cloth or cardboard so they can bend and take them to the mouth.
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