Choosing a nursery for the baby

The choice of nursery for baby is always a concern for parents who want the best for your child. Therefore, before starting the search, the parents must be clear what we want, based on a number of prerequisites that, henceforth, will be placed in priority order.

Good daycare or nursery should be one that is not limited to "monitor" children but to provide them with a welcoming atmosphere where professionals have formed a good basis for development. The school must give confidence to families and children. If parents are satisfied with the election, will be easier for children to accept and adapt well to change.

Tips for choosing baby nursery

It is recommended that the nursery is near the family home. The buddies to make your child in day care will also be their neighborhood friends.
Parents should visit several nurseries and learn about the functioning and organization of each. For that, you need to have some time to be there and observe the relationship of the staff, how they speak and behave among themselves and with children. 
The day of the visit should ask all the questions that come to mind as well, all that you think are necessary. He took the opportunity to keep fit you doubt, if possible. 
All sites, whether public and private Must comply with the rules of the LOGSE (Law on the General System Education), but although most meet the standards, should visit the facility and verify that indeed the case.

How many children must have a class?

How much smaller the child, the greater the care they need. Check that the number of children per teacher meets current regulations. As established in the legal framework, the number of children per class is directly related to their age. Therefore can only be:

  • In the case of children under 12 months, 8 children per class.
  • If you have between one and two years, 20 children per class.
  • If you are between three and six years, 25 children per class.
How should the space and facilities for nursery?

The space must be comprehensive and exclusive, with separate access to the outside. For each child, the center must have minimum two square meters in rooms. In the area corresponding to less than two years, rest areas and hygiene must be differentiated. We must also have a multi-purpose room. The dining room, For example.
Is it mandatory to have a pediatrician and a specialist in special education?

Not required to have a pediatrician, But it is advisable that provide this medical service, which has a preventive role. If your child has any special educational need, the school must provide resources and support materials determined by the relevant education authority.

The hygienic control in the nursery

There are regular checks by the competent authorities to check the perfect state of the centers, which must comply with ordinances to bring the legislation, and also have an appropriate space for the dining room and kitchen. Parents can visit the kitchen and ask questions about the menu, For example.

The play area for babies

For every nine classrooms, with an area not less than 75 square meters, all primary schools must have a outdoor play yard Exclusively at the school.

Academic preparation of teachers

Caregivers or educators that serve children between 0 and 3 years must have at least a bachelor's Kindergarten, and those who care for children between 3 and 6 must be Masters of Education.
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