Tips for using the backpacks baby carriers

Today there is a great number and variety of accessories that can help parents in the baby care. Wheeling systems of the baby, known as baby carriers are one of them because they allow parents to bring their baby safeProtected and glued to your body on the go, right in that little step you need it most. The use of baby carriers or slings to carry the baby promotes bonding between parents and children.

The baby close contact with the body of their parents is very important, especially in the first months of life. Backpacks are a very comfortable and safe device for parents to do all sorts of outings and walks with his baby in arms, Without having to give up a full, direct contact with the child.

Tips for using baby carriers

Tips_for_Using_backpack_baby_carrierBackpacks or scarves carriers offer freedom of movement and are convenient for carrying out its many tasks. Here are the tips for use and choice of backpacks carriers, the best position and all that must be taken into account when using backpacks for newborns and infants.

1. The weight of the babies. The backpacks are designed to carry your baby from birth. It is advisable to carry babies under 3.5 kilos or more than two kilos (from when parents do not show muscle fatigue).

2. Affective exchange between parents and baby. Both the baby and his mother or father, can benefit sensory and affective exchange.

3. Position the baby in the backpack. The best position to bring the baby is looking at his parents, at least in the first 6 months. Babies can be placed facing forward when the backpack is properly designed for it and when the baby is older than 6 months of age or when muscle power to acquire hold head and keep the trunk securely.

4. The backpack and hip dysplasia in infants. Baby carriers not conducive to the emergence of hip dysplasia in infants. In contrast, a backpack may have protective effect of hip dysplasia. Its design allows free movement of the joints of the legs and hips, which promotes proper nutrition of articular cartilage.

5. Choosing a backpack baby carrier. When buying a sling, parents should choose a backpack safe, convenient, easy to apply and removeWith adequate support and position, avoiding compression zones or strips that could cause injury to the baby. The shoulder straps should be wide and padded, adjustable and measure an appropriate tissue for each temperature. The backpack should have proper support for the carrier, which allows properly distribute the weight and prevent muscle fatigue. Must be made of a breathable and washable.

6. Backpack carrier for twins. It is not advisable to use a double portage considerably by limiting contact between the carrier and the baby. A good backpack should spread the load on both shoulders, back and hips of the carrier, and this is achieved adequately to carry one baby. The double portaging overweight can cause musculoskeletal injuries in the father or the mother.
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I am a pregnant mother, so these backpacks baby carrier tips will help me a lot in future. So I am glad to find this to get a knowledge about this.

I use baby carrier for my 5 months old son. Thanks for your tips. I agree with all those. We have to follow those for baby’s safety.

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