Children: how to prevent accidents

In the European Union more children die of preventable injuries by the sum of all otherchildhood diseases

Every year, thousands of children have accidents of varying severity. In the European Union or domestic accidents on public roads (especially in theareas of game) are the leading cause of infant death from a year old.15,000 children die each year due to preventable injuries as a result of such incidents. Therefore, adults should apply the necessary preventive measures at each stage of growth.

In developed countries, where rates have decreased infant mortality,  accidents are a major health problem. The data confirm this: the European Union estimates that almost 20 million children and youth who are victims of accidents each year, resulting in 15,000 deaths and 30,000 disabilities.

This means that more children die from injuries than the sum of all other childhood diseases. Accidents occur mainly at home or in public. Therefore, theWorld Health Organization (WHO) said that prevention is the key to avoiding this high rate of mortality.

The most frequent accidents by age of children

Before six years, it is important to teach the basic rules of road safety and the proper way to cross the street

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child emphasizes social responsibility to protect children and promote the services and support necessary for them. This includes accident injuries. The preschoolers (up to six years) are the most vulnerable members of society.
At this stage there are substantial differences in relation to the child's psychomotor development.

•Until three months, the child is in a passive and dependent. It is important to avoid falling objects on top of it and never have to leave him alone on a surface that can precipitate. most frequent in children under one year are falling from the exchange or from the bed of the parents and, when they start walking, the suffering against furniture or the floor.

•At six months, his curiosity increases and any object can get into the mouth. For this reason,  avoid toys with small, detachable parts, or other objects that may cause choking. Children have a great willingness to investigate all their holes.
Often they come to the clinic for any small piece in the nose or ear. 's Important not to try them out at home, especially if they are spherical in shape, about the risk of penetrating further into the cavity.

•From 6 to 12 months of age,the child gains mobility-starts to crawl,  and autonomy and curiosity grows. Preventive measures should focus on the protection of outlets, doors and windows, stairs and accessibility. Figures fall accidents in buckets, bathtubs, or sources are remarkable.

•Among the first year of life and the three, the child develops movement, curiosity and habits.

•Here accidents increases in toxication drugs, cleaning and painting, among others. The most common drugs are antipyretics (paracetamol and ibuprofen),  mucolytics and cough syrup,  widely used at that age and with relatively good taste. Experts agree that many poisonings of this type-extendable to all age- groups would be avoided if not saved toxics in packaging consumer products.

•Burnsin the kitchen or by hot metal, falls from chairs, bed and windows, choking with food and traffic accidents (is essential to take them by the hand and watch them when ever so unpredictable for their actions) are some of the more accidents frequent in this age.
Pay attention to foods that are chopped hard as nuts, so are not recommended in tegers to 3 years,  adds expert.

•Before six years, it is important to teach the basic rules of road safety and how to cross the street safely.

Traffic accidents are another group of childhood accidents and falls from primary care in preventing the use of safety devices in cars, with road safety tips to parents.

The pools and the like are also one of the places where accidents often occur. To avoid them you need to protect your access and use flotation devices according to the child's age.

Decrease the chances of child domestic accident

Although the chances of having an accident are many, parentsor caregivers of younger should focus on specific points to make your home a safer environment as possible. For these specialists, it is essential to focus on two aspects:

1.In the safety devices, such as limiting the domestic water, fire alarms, stairs and fences in pools plugs or sockets.
2.In control toxins and drugs (there must have your phone number Toxicology Center), the sharps, the subject matter of choking, hot liquids and walkers.

Preventing accidents in the car

The latest available data show that child restraints prevent between 50% and 80% of serious and fatal injuries. However, much remains to be done on the use of these safety devices.

Worldwide, the latest report on child accident prevention,  published by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that traffic accidents claim the lives of 260,000 children each year and about 10 million suffer associated injuries. They are the leading cause of death among 10 to 19 years and amajor cause of disability in children.

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