Enjoy your free time with the baby on holiday

Creating bubbles and bring books to small are some suggestions to maximize the summer with the baby

is important to spend time with the baby in the summer. Holidays are the best time to enjoy all that small could not be during working hours. In summer, take all the time (and energy) available can greatly help to strengthen the bond with the child.
It is important to enjoy the outdoors with your baby, promote relations between small and books, as well as familiar to the child, in general, sees little.

The importance of spending time with the baby in summer:

Holidays with children are very different from those experienced before or after having children,  when they are grown. The baby requires almost constant attention and that requires that all activities will be planned according to their presence. This applies to travel to the rest of the vacation time, when fathers and mothers do not go to their jobs but should exercise parents 24 hours a day.

The baby must learn to play and for this you need motivation and parent company:

The important thing about the holidays is that you can use to perform all activities for the remainder of the year are limited to short times of the day or week. "Good thing the baby spend time outside you can always spend the rest of the year. It need not be specific activities or too complex: it can be as simple as playing with the children."
Often parents do not devote exclusive time to play with the baby during the year. No wonder that parents take advantage of the little leisure hours for other activities. However, the child also needs to learn to play and, in this sense, the role of parents is crucial: should motivate you, to be with him, talk and listen, but the baby just yet issued its infancy.

Enjoy the outdoors with the child:

It is important to use the summer to enjoy the outdoor spaces and the outdoors with the baby.While sun exposureis dangerous for very young children, it is advisable (after taking appropriate precautions) get outside and go with the park to play.
For the baby, it is very challenging to use their five senses to discover the elements of nature: whether crawling or gives little steps across the lawn, notice the roughness of the soil and the bark of trees on which it rests, and its odor and temperature.

Creating bubbles is a simple proposal to enjoy with baby outdoor in summer:
A simple option to enjoy the outdoors with the child, and that most children like, is creating bubbles. To do this, you can buy a single bottle of bubbles or create your own, with a wire that is given accordingly, and use soapy water.
The frothy liquid required to form bubbles is obtained by mixing water with dishwashing detergent (or shampoo) and a touch of glycerin. Bubbles can provide hours of entertainment to small, especially if the adult does reluzcan large bubbles under the sun.

Baby and books

•Summer is a good time to encourage the baby bond with the books that will last over time:

Summeris a good time to bring the baby to the world of books. This approach can be accomplished in two different ways.
On the one hand, through the reading aloud of stories and tales. Although at this age the child still does not understand the meaning of the story itself is perceived to be speaking in a special way and receive voice inflections.
The hours of reading can become a special moment even before the little have realized that you are reading a story, which will favor the birth of the child the important link with books.
Moreover, the baby will use the book almost like a toy. The small,  when you have a year to live, is recognizing shapes, so you should give copies colorful, with many images and hardcovers. Your way to experiment with it include it to his mouth and try to break it (which will if given a book not suitable for their age). In this way, the child will become familiar with the book since before knowing its actual use and the fantasies that keeps inside.

Contact with the family to which the child sees little:

Holidays can serve to take the baby to contact relatives who see little (or nothing) because of lack of time or who live far away. This is what happens to children who spend their summers in the village of their parents or grandparents: the arrival of a new family member becomes a real event.
But not only in the villages. The pace that many people are in the city causes, even though the distance is not so, visits or meetings between family members or friends are sporadic. Vacation days are an excellent opportunity to compensate, at least in part, those absences and share with babies whole days.

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