Safety items for babies in the home

There are numerous safety devices to protect infants fromaccidents in the home

The chances of a baby suffering an injury in a domestic accident are high, but can be prevented in most cases. In addition to monitoring the behavior of small, to create a safe environment at home is advisable to make use of the various items and safety devices available today in the market. These facilities are effective inreducing the incidence of childhood accidents and increase peace of families. then provides a list of useful devices to protect babies in different parts of the house.

Safety items for the bathroom:

•Safety seats for the bath: when the baby is able to sit, around six months, it is recommended to use for bath time adaptable seats. These help you stay upright and prevent, in a careless, it can slide into the water.

•Mats and slip elements: are essential to prevent small slip and fall while bathing. These elements are fixed to the floor of the tub or shower with suction cups.

•Protectors faucets: are manufactured in rubber, silicone oras bouncy, and are used to coat the bathtub faucet and minimize the effects of a possible accidental blow during bathing.

•Testers Temperature: to make sure the water temperature is just right,  you must use special thermometers that indicate a submersible easily if the water is too hot or cold for the baby.

•Adapters toilet: when children begin to use the toilet should be placed a special holder, so that the diameter is smaller and the child can use it without falling.

The safety of children in the kitchen:

•Safety knobs kitchen: to prevent small handling keys furnace, gas stoves or electric, you can put special controls or guards that hinder its activation.

•Safety barrier for kitchens: standing in front of the fire to prevent children from accessing them and can pull the items that are on the surface.

•Protector and oven door blocker: located on the oven door to protect children from burns when the appliance is operating or hot and prevent its opening.

Security elements for furniture:

•Corner protectors and projections: in the market you can buy different corners, corner protectors tapes and flexible, made ​​of silicone, foam and other soft materials to protect small accidental bruises.

•For glass protection film: transparent sheet is placed on glass or mirrors to avoid that in case of breakage, chipping and fall to the ground.

•Tethers and anchors: to prevent baby furniture to drop somewhat unstable over, you can use different anchors and special grip tape these to the wall. There are also special tightening straps to secure the flat TV.

•Enrollacordones: these child safety devices are designed to keep small cords manipulate the curtains,  blinds and shutters and protect bottlenecks.

•Protector for electronic devices: prevent children from poking fingers or objects within electronic devices such as DVD, video or DTT.

•Plug protector: prevent minors into contact with the electrical current through the plugs, are easy to install and no need to remove them to use electronic devices.

•Barrier bed: to prevent small drop of the bed while sleeping, various devices can be used as a lateral barrier function and, in general,  can be folded or hide during the day.

•Locks for cabinets and drawers to prevent children from accessing dangerous products or substances arranged in household cabinets and drawers, various devices that block the opening with a security system.

Child safety gates, balconies and windows:

•Safety stops: to prevent children's fingers caught when closing the door, you can place a simple foam plug in singing or, in the case of sliding doors, a few blocks adhesives impossible to open small that adult uncontrolled.

•Network railings: prevents children push his head through the bars of the railing balconies or staircases.

•Insurance windows: to prevent children from opening the windows, we can find different types of insurance and ceilings that allow opening only to the extent that the selected adult.

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