Save on toys Reyes: nine ideas for making them at home

The homemade gifts, besides being cheap, allow children to participate in its manufacturing and create good times shared between parents and children

Making Christmas toys at homemakes parents spend good time withtheir children, thus streng thening thebond between them.

In addition,economic activity is in the child and encourages the habit of recycling and reusing every day materials.

This article brings together nine ideas for making homemade toys,from puzzles with popsicle sticks and stilts cans to eva rubber animals or trucks, rail cars and cardboard.

Anticrisis toys to give away and save on Reyes and Santa Claus.Christmas gifts are inexpensive homemade ecological awareness and educate the child

Manufacturers estimated that Christmas is purchased 75% of the toys sold throughout the year.

However,homemade toys have their charm, for several reasons.For one thing, smaller and offer the possibility to manufacture adult game elements together.
And these shared moments serve tostrengthen the bond.

Furthermore, these toys can be made with different materials in house.

And it has a double advantage: theyare economic and ecological awareness educate the child, based on the reuse of items.

Here are nine ideas to explain Christmas toys with very cheap materials and everyday.

1.Puzzles with popsicle sticks
The puzzes made ​​with popsicle sticksare very original.
And make it as simple as collecting several sticks and then decorate them with a fun drawing, asexplained Peque entertainment portal.

Moreover, as both sides can benefit from the sticks, each puzzle is forearmed.
And no need to be an accomplished artist, as the decorationcan be very simple.

2.Wooden Puzzles:
A little more complicated to make wooden puzzles are proposingBlog crafts.
For this it is necessary to haveawooden table, a saw, watercolors and markers.
The number of parts, size and degreeof difficulty will depend on the age ofthe children to whom it is intended.

3.Wooden horses:
The horses are a classic among children's toys, can compete with any modern toy, more technological.
How to replace the fantasy of feeling the wind in your face when riding a horse?
The basic element is amore or less long pole,whose length should be some what less than the height of the child.
The task is to give the horse a head, which can be made ​​with asock stuffed with wool,cotton or fabric scraps, assuggested on the website or in the craft blogmy only son.

4.Matching Game or"memotest":

There are other classic games, whichare always fun and you can add value to their own small have participated in its elaboration.
One is the set of couples or "memotest", with pieces that have a picture on one side face.
These are placed face down and you have to turn them over in pairs to find the drawings equal.
At Christmas, a matching game or homemade memotest may include photographs of children

Pictures can be taken from other parts or custom created: animals, fruits, household items, acquaintances.
The children and parents themselves may be included in the images, which gives the game an extra component of fun.


Another traditional game for which it is possible to make at least one of its parts reused elements is bingo, but without prize money.The beads can beplastic caps, in which paint the number pen.However, to ensure transparency, all covers must be of the same shape and size.

6.Stilts :
The stilts of canscan provide many hours of enjoyment (teach them incrafts).
Beware: the smallest will fall much to play with them. But when they are slightly larger, especially on grass and open spaces, enjoy a lot of his adventures on his stilts cans.Additionally, you can decorate with pictures they like.

7.Trucks, trains and cars :
Making trucks, trains and cars cardboard(frommilk cartons, juice, shoes,etc..) Has the magic to turn aneveryday object that usually disposed in a toy capable of carrying far the imagination.
In addition to the boxes, using other household materials like plastic caps and pens, for the wheels of the truck or colored paper and ribbons to decorate the train cars .
You can also create authentic Formula 1 racing cars with cardboard tubes fromtoiletrolls and kitchen.

An hourglass is for home games, with limited time to act , Two plastic bottlescan create an hourglass as detailed homemadecrafts children. Plus it looks nice, canbe used to teach the child the time units (hours, minutes, seconds).

The hourglass also works as an adjunct to other games, in which each participant has a limited time tomake decisions and act (chess, checkers or board games).

9.Toy Animals:

The EVA offers many possibilities to create, from simple sheets of the material multiple ways. One option is the colorful

Another animal is very easy to make asnake or worm with corks.Simply provide himself with a good dose of plugs, cut and make a hole in the center to pass a rope through.

They can be painted in bright colors to make them more fun for children.

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