Back to school without drama or acrimony

There is very little to children back to school and many parents put their hands to the head concerned about how your little one will react when you have to go or return to school, waking up early, go back to any obligation or need to stop being all day playing. Not all the children along. I think very few.

It is time to return to routine, to a more organized and full daily schedule, and that, although it seems simple, is not as easy to assimilate, especially for children. For this reason, weeks before your child to go or return to school, You should take some steps to make the transition from vacation to school not catch it once.

Good Habits for Back to School

1 - Children should start going to bed and wake earlier. Parents should establish new schedules the dream, For times of feeding. That will prevent the child sleeps or gets angry, tired and even grumpy on the first day of school.

2 - It is important for children to make a review of academic activities or review the tasks that the teacher left them. That will prevent it does not feel so insecure and fearful in the early days of the school.

3 - It is recommended that children already have organized and lined the new books, School supplies, uniforms (if applicable), backpack, case, Shoes, Etc.., Before the start of classes. This will prevent them feel anxious and worried.

4 - Promote a meeting with the friends of the child. That will help "break the ice." You will feel more secure and sheltered.

5 - It is also important that parents have a positive attitude, patient and firm about back to school for their children. They should always highlight the positive school. That will prevent the child is nervous and afraid.

6 - It is advisable for parents to build a communication channel open with the children. To collect at school, look how was your day in the classroom and playground. The child will feel more positive and supportive.

7 - It's time to set new times: time to go to bed, wake up, of watch TV, Playing, eating, etc.., So that little by little the child gets organized.

8 - It is advisable for children to cross the bridge of the holiday to academic life in a serene, without excess or strain. The extracurricular activities can expect a few short weeks.

Otherwise, avoid giving it much thought and theme. Parents must understand that it is a transitional stage as many others. Parents should only worry if the child, after a week, still not wanting to go to school and begin to feel pain above the belly, head ... That may be post holiday syndrome symptomsOf illness, or infirmity for another reason. In this case, talk with your child and try to help.
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